Who are we?

The Hope Institute for Children and Families

Since 1957, Hope has provided educational, residential and health care services to children with developmental disabilities, including autism.  Some students live on Hope’s 26-acre campus on the shore of Lake Springfield, which is also home to The Hope School Learning Center.  However, most students live in group homes throughout the community.

The Hope Institute Learning Academy in Chicago

Located on Chicago’s near west side, The Hope Institute Learning Academy (HILA) is a demonstration school for the responsible inclusion of diverse learners in the general education classroom.  With nearly 400 students in grades K-5, HILA provides a nurturing environment which students receive an individualized education.

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network

The Illinois Crisis Prevention Network is a collaborative partnership of Trinity Services and the Hope Institute. Funded by the State of Illinois, ICPN’s support service teams (SST) have been helping individuals, families and community providers across the state so that persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities can successfully live and flourish in the community.

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP)

The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP) is the nation’s largest statewide autism resource and services network.  With 19 locations and partners including universities and nonprofit organizations, TAP provides a system of care serving families in each of Illinois’ 102 counties.

Upcoming Events

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