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Autism Spectrum Disorders occur
in all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic groups.

There is no cure for Autism; but early intervention, improved services, increased research, and greater access to resources are paving the way to a brighter

Family Issues

15 tips for your family - Autism Speaks

Stress on families – Autism Society of America

Sibling Issues - Autism Society of America

Sibling Support Program

Suggestions for Parents – TAP

Family Gatherings Tip Sheet – TAP



Evaluation – Autism Society of America

IDEA & Your Child’s Rights – Autism Society of America

Moving from Preschool to Kindergarten

Planning for a successful transition across grade levels

Going to Middle School

Preparing for a lifetime

Home Safety

Home Environmental Assessment

10 Easy Steps to Modify Your Home

Physical Structure in Home

Safe and Sound Campaign

Tip Sheets

General calming techniques

Helping children develop impulse control

Sleeping issues in young children

Eating tip sheet

Tips for daily life: Toilet Training

Going to the grocery store

Going to the doctor

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