In recent years, The Hope Institute for Children and Families has identified a growing need for comprehensive dental services for children with developmental disabilities and mental illnesses. With parents unable to find a practice equipped to handle the special needs of these children, Hope opened the Noll Dental Clinic.
The clinic is designed to offer individually designed treatment plans, a staff and resources equipped to handle each child’s special needs, and a sliding fee schedule to make care accessible. But at the heart of their mission are the children they serve.

Dental Desensitization

At the Noll Dental Clinic, we practice a process known as Dental Desensitization. The process is based upon the Tell-Show-Do method and uses a series of appointments designed to familiarize patients with dental surroundings, tools and procedures.
Children and adults with developmental disabilities or mental illness often require multiple appointments to prepare for a dental procedure and receive services. Our staff understands the special needs of these patients and emphasizes patience and continuous positive reinforcement. Our mission is to promote good oral health among our patients by creating a friendly, non-threatening and positive environment to receive services.

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