Hope Center for Residential Services

The Hope Center for Residential Services offers residential placement in both on-campus dormitory-style homes and community-based family-style homes. Our five on-campus homes are designed to meet the needs of our most medically fragile children while providing an environment that encourages growth and independence. Off campus, our community residential program includes 12 family-style homes within the local community. Staff at our homes focus upon our youth’s health and safety by providing appropriate levels of supervision based upon the youth’s needs and capabilities.




Creating a Home

The goal of our residential services is not to provide housing, but rather to create a home. As a result, our children are immersed in programs designed to both promote fun and continue learning. Our Therapeutic Recreation Program gives youth the opportunity to participate in after-school, evening and weekend programs such as Boy Scouts, cheerleading, Special Olympics, arts and crafts, salsa dancing, school dances and much more.