Noll Medical Pavilion

The Noll Medical Pavilion is a family-focused health care center located on the Springfield’s south side. The pavilion serves as a center of excellence for the purpose of increasing access to primary medical, dental, behavioral and rehabilitative health care to under served children with developmental disabilities and/or mental illnesses. Our 51,000 square-foot facility provides an array of services to children throughout central and southern Illinois, including:

  • The Autism Program of Illinois Statewide Headquarters and Clinic
  • Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois – Children’s Center
  • SIU Department of Psychiatry – Adolescent Psychiatry
  • Noll Dental Clinic
  • SIU School of Medicine – Center for Family Medicine
  • Gailey Eye Clinic
  • Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center


Children’s Healthcare Partnership

The Noll Medical Pavilion is more than just a healthcare facility; it is an essential component of the Children’s Healthcare Partnership (CHP). The CHP is a partnership between The Hope Institute, Mental Health Centers of Central Illinois, SIU School of Medicine and The Autism Program of Illinois, that are working together to create a medical home where a child can receive primary, behavioral, psychiatric, rehabilitative, dental and optometric care in one convenient location. The partnership is working together to improve healthcare efficiency; reduce duplication of services, coordinate overall patient care and increase communication between providers. The CHP’s ultimate goal is to maximize resources and meet the essential needs of children with developmental disabilities and/or mental illness.