The Autism Program of Illinois

With the rate of children diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder rising to an alarming rate of 1 in 110, people are searching for answers to this condition. More children will be diagnosed with an ASD than AIDS, Cancer, and diabetes combined. That’s why in 2003, we lead the development of The Autism Program of Illinois (TAP). TAP is the nation’s largest statewide network that not only helps families affected by Autism, but also trains educators, and links healthcare providers and others to understand, communicate with and support children diagnosed with an ASD.



A Network of Care

Today, TAP consists of 30 community agencies and university partners working throughout Illinois to provide diagnosis, treatment and support for children with an ASD. By building strong partnerships, we are able to offer families local access to resources, innovative services and supports to better understand autism.


How We Can Help

Services for Children and Families including diagnosis/assessment, social skills groups and family-focused consultations.

Community Training for parents, educators, child care providers, physicians, first responders and more.

Innovative Iniatives such as the Consensus for Autism and Community Accessibility Project.

Valuable Resources including family/community resource rooms, home teaching kits, & online search for services.